For Mama

You were up before the roosters do to prepare breakfast for us. I never find this special until I saw my classmates buy snacks instead.

You preferred washing our clothes with your bare hands to give maximum care to our delicates although papa bought you the best washing machine then. I never realized that this was noble until I was breathless and exhausted washing boyet's big shirt... I'll never try it again :-P

You watched cooking shows when we're young and always tried different dishes for us. I never thought this was fun until I ate the same thing every week.

You don't send us to school without a cute ponytail. I never thought this was good grooming until I do masterpieces on Bea each day.

You made sure we were clean and washed us before bedtime. I never knew this was hygienic until that old rat bit me on my toe.

You gave unending reminders on the things that were so elementary. I've always thought this was annoying until I forgot my umbrella somewhere.

You told me that Boyet was the only person who can stand my tantrums and mood swings. Thank God I listened to you.

You taught me how to cook Sinigang and Pork Steak, I reluctantly obeyed; pots are always empty when I serve them to my family.

You held on to our wrists so tight when crossing the street, the blood could hardly pass through the veins. I thought this was exaggerated when I almost lost Bea.

You cried every time papa uses his belt to discipline us. I yell when Boyet does this to Bea and Hans (bad, I know!)

You preferred to look after us than be anywhere else without us. I never thought this was loving until I left work for my Bea and Hans.

Your world stopped to attend Recognition Days and made sure you hang those medals on our necks. I never thought this was sweet until I see recipients with noone to accept the award with them.

It was you who taught me how to write good letters. It was you who patiently taught Sarah and I how to sing for the Lord. It was you who taught me the 66 books of the bible.

You know when we're in pain even if we kept our silence. You know when we're hungry and tired.

I appreciate you now that I am in your shoes. I left work for my Bea & Hans. I hope and pray that I can be more like you each day.

I love you Ma. Loida Isip dela Pena, my Mama. Happy Mothers' Day! Registered & Protected