And He Wins... Again

Every day is a battle of authority between me and my son, Hans (6 yrs old).  Tomorrow's Bonifacio Day (Philippine Holiday) and the school decided to have the annual educational field trip in Thursday. Bottom line, classes will resume in Monday and the long weekend for those who will not join the activity spells tons of home work to compensate for the 3-day-rest. But Hans isn't moved by this, uh-uh.

Before today, we all agreed to follow the TV ad, "Study now, TV later" but he still plays deaf every time I remind him to do his home work. So, he's at bed by 7pm while Bea remained downstairs to watch her favorite series... a reward for being obedient and finishing all home works early. In the darkness of the room, I saw Han's sad face and so I explained why he's lying down the bed instead of enjoying the 42" Plasma TV his dad brought home yesterday. As expected, he promised to do his home works tomorrow (Tomorrow, when it should have been done earlier). Of course, I refused and explained again. Then he whispered, "Let's do them now". Sigh.

Ending. I couldn't ignore how angelic he speaks and looks when he's trying to get his way. He knows me too well and knows the exact words to say and he always wins.

Not being firm is bad parenting, I know. His attacks:
  • He knows when to 'manipulate' me best~ when I'm all too focused at work, he'll climb up the room...
  • His weapons~ hugs and kisses, lots and lots of 'em, and say, "Mommy, cd" (he meant, watch a movie)
My reaction: totally defenceless, all barriers down and destructed, ultimately say "yes" without thinking. When he's gone, then I restored sense but it was too late to take it back. He uses this strategy whenever he wanted to use the dvd player and play wrestling with him ("harutan" time). Registered & Protected 


  1. Hi, I can relate to this post. That's why people say that there is no way to be a perfect mother. Only million ways to be a good one.

  2. @littleyana. very true! thanks for dropping by.


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