How My Husband Loves Me

A few Saturdays ago, I gave in to the dragon inside me. Maybe I was so tired, failed to balance work and chores (again!). In my attempt to clean the room, I felt so angry that I threw everything I touched while I deliver my monologue. I was so furious that I was surprised I didn’t cry but I was really trembling.
I left the house with the kids for a meeting in Makati, but I didn’t come back home. I stayed in my parents’ house until Sunday. Finally, I went home after church just because of the kids’ school the next day, otherwise, I’d stay there forever.
I didn’t do my usual weekday morning routine the following day, but instead I woke him up and told him I’m not doing any household chore ever again. He responded by saying he’s looking for a maid.
He never (ever) fought back. He never (ever) shouted back. He never (ever) laid his hands on me. He just loved me and always work his way to prove that LOVE.
He sent the kids to school. Then, I heard the cry of the washing machine. Registered & Protected